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Terms & conditions

A] For all customers.

  1. Give order before a day & order should be one day ago
  2. If you find complaints in products, transaction or any other, you can contact oyhoyji via feedback or call.
  3. Payment of products & services making offline as well as online.
  4. The items purchased from oyhoyji can not be sold.
  5. Products return charge is equal to the delivery charge plus 10% of the products price. When product without open by customer otherwise return charge is a delivery charge plus 25% of the product price. You can see which product eligible for returns.
  6. Products & services are not giving on loans.
  7. If damaging products by the customer will not returns.
  8. The products available on the website are eligible for order, suddenly you cannot find out the product on the website then call to our company. Call here
  9. You can buy products anyway – on the website, calling, massaging, and WhatsApp.
  10. Appropriate action will be taken when delay payment in the right time and without proper payment.
  11. When you order big products, machineries, electronic machines, etc then we get help other companies in the delivery or shipping services.
  12. Delivery charges may be applied according to their product configuration.

B] For premium customers

  1. The terms & conditions of [A] apply.
  2. In the premium customers, the delivery service charge is included, product price not.
  3. In the given chart below products delivery details of the order and delivery services for a premium customer according to the product configuration –
    Categories of products Length
    No. of orders in a month Total delivery charge
    All categories of products Max- 2ft Max- 2ft Max- 2ft Max- 4kg Max- 1km Max- 20 orders In minimum charge 600/month

    In the above product configuration minimum plan budget shows, when changes or increasing any system of you regular plan then increases the delivery charges according to your uses.

  4.  Given below the premium services —
    1. Products delivery
    2. Fresh milk & curd delivery
    3. Fresh I-jal water delivery
    4. Fresh vegetables& foods delivery
    5. Gas cylinder delivery

C] For regular customers

  1. The terms & conditions of A] apply.
  2. For regular customer product price plus delivery charge apply.
  3. No limitation of ordering product, length, width, height, weight, location, etc.but delivery amount applies on their configuration shown as below chart.

Product delivery charge details per order

Categories of products Length
Total delivery charge amount in INR
1] Grocery, households supplies, beauty cosmetics, lentils, home kitchen, vegetables, birthday products, clothes, footwear’s, goggles, baby toys, stationery, Patanjali products, seeds, etc Rs 3/ft Rs3/ft Rs2/ft Rs5/kg Rs5/km It is the sum of all
2] Jewelry Gold Silver & other Rs10/gram
3] Mobiles, Computers, tv,& Electric appliance Rs 5/ft Rs5/ft Rs5/ft Rs7/kg Rs5/km
4] Gloss products Rs 5/ft Rs5/ft Rs5/ft Rs5/kg Rs10/km
5] Wood products Rs 5/ft Rs5/ft Rs5/ft Rs5/kg Rs5/km
6] Machines Rs 5/ft Rs5/ft Rs5/ft Rs5/kg Rs5/km
7] Others, e.g. freshwater, milk, cylinder gas, etc adjustable adjustable adjustable adjustable adjustable

The delivery charges apply according to the above-given product configuration.

D] For sellers

  1. All terms & conditions A], B], C], D] ,E], F], G], H], I], J], K] are apply.
  2. After getting the product order, do the product packaging within 30 minutes.
  3. Product listing limit is 80 product per seller.
  4. The product delivery will be delivered through our company.
  5. If there is no product available, then there will be fine of Rs 50 to 200/-
  6. For all sellers registration on oyhoyji is mandatory.
  7. According to the products commission will receive oyhoyji from sellers.
  8. Return products should be receive sellers from customer.
  9. According to the oyhoyji company rule, sellers cannot keep the very high or very low value of any products.
  10. Seller training or business training is mandatory for all sellers.
  11. According to the product selling area local, regional & national, charges apply.
  12. Oyhoyji gives the seller payment in between 15 to 60 days.

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